Tuesday, January 10, 2017

6 Ways to Get a FLAT Stomach in Just a Week! Must See!

     You've probably want to get rid of your big tummy or the feeling of being bloated every time you eat and also the heavy body that you have. If you want a flat stomach in just a matter of a week then you need to devote yourself in order to make your stomach flat and thus you should make a healthy eating habit everyday. Follow the tips below to make sure that you'll never have a big stomach ever again in your life!
6 Ways to Get a FLAT Stomach in Just a Week! Must See!
 1. Position and Chewing

     The longer you chew means the less you eat. You should always sit down when you're eating, don't fool yourself with standing while eating can make the food you eat go down your stomach that fast, you need to chew your food properly and break the food into smaller pieces so that your digestive system can break them fast so you won't feel bloated or heavy at all.

2. Stay Away as Possible from Carbonated Drinks and Juices

     Sweetened fruit juices, sweetened mineral water, and carbonated drinks are abundant in calories which can bloat your stomach in just a few minutes of eating. That is why if you're thirsty you should drink normal temperature water. Not cold ones.

3. Avoid Artificial Sweeteners

     Those Artificial Sweeteners includes lactitol, sorbitol, and mannitol which are if digested, the intestines in the stomach, wherein a lot of bacteria can feed on those that we've stated awhile ago. That is why the intestines create additional emissions that makes the digestion more difficult for your stomach. Instead of Artificial sweeteners, use small amounts of brown sugar.

4. Be Careful with Resistant Starch

     Starch is easy to digest, yes, however there is a starch that is resistant to the food digestive enzymes. The resistant starch will be failed to be absorbed in the small intestine so the underdone starch will pass in the colon, the intestines will then feel bloated, which makes you bloated. The resistant starch is found normally within bananas, rice, beans, potatoes, and mushrooms.

5. Drink/Eat Probiotic Drinks/Foods

     Yogurt has good bacteria which helps in the digestion of the food. Yogurt can also lower down the amount of air in the intestines.

6. Limit Your Salt Consumption

     Reducing the salt that you consume everyday can significantly reduce the bloating in your stomach. Salt binds with water which can result and cause bloating in your stomach. So limit yourself with eating salty snacks, chips, and even spicy foods/snacks.