Sunday, January 15, 2017

Are You Healthy or Not? Your Poop Can Determine if You are Healthy! Must Read!

     Never estimate your poop or your feces because there has been studies and reports that poop or feces can actually tell about your health, that is if you are healthy or not. You've probably noticed that your bowel movement changes a lot of times, and it's because of your diet or the food that you eat. Your bowel can tell you if your body is fighting any infection, or that it's dealing with a serious condition. Basically, your bowel can tell you weather you're healthy or not healthy.

     The section head in the general gastroenterology of the David Geffen School of Medicine at the UCLA, Dr. Eric Esrailian has stated that "Bowel movements are important for your health because they are the body's natural way of excreting waste from the body."

     The GI Unit in Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr. Bernard Aserkoff has stated that the bowel movements are usually brown in color because of the bile produced in the liver. Normally a poop is typically smooth and soft in appearance and should be elongated and uncut. Its shape should look like the letter 'S' and the texture should look even.

     There are different kinds of bowel and they will tell you more about what your current health is! Check them below and take note of what bowel you have currently:

1. Small, Hard, and Lumpy

     This normally occurs with people who takes antibiotics. Its just that having this kind of poop may be a sign of an acute inflammation in the small intestine. This poop is usually small, solid, and abrasive in appearance which normally has a diameter of 1 to 2 centimeters. This kind of bowel can usually cause anal bleeding, so beware of bowels like these.

2. Sausage-Shaped with Lumps

     This stool normally has a diameter of 3 to 5 centimeters. Its normally common with people who suffer from IBS, or irritable bowel syndrome, and can cause anal bleeding too.

3. Sausage-Shaped with Cracks in the Surface

     This has a similar appearance with #2, but the difference in this is that its released much faster by your body, unlike the other one that it takes some time to get released.

4. Sausage-Shaped

     The appearance of this one is smooth and soft in texture, this poop is also considered to be as normal and common for people who defecate once a day.

5. Soft Blobs with Defined Edges

     This kind of poop is common for people who defecate more than once a day, especially after eating a major meal.

6. Diarrhea-Type

     This kind of stool is similar to the ones released during diarrhea, but this happens along with constipation. This type of stool is a sign of your body suffering from a disease or condition. It also varies with the odor and the color of the stool.

7. Black or Bright Red

     This kind of stool indicates that there's bleeding in the GIT, or the gastrointestinal tract - the stomach and the intestines.

8. Fluffy Poop with Ragged and Torn Edges

     This stool has a soft texture and can indicate the potential sigh of high blood pressure and also stress.

9. Pale Brown or White in Color

     This kind of stool indicated that the person might be suffering from cirrhosis, hepatitis, or a pancreatic disease.

10. Yellow-Colored

     This kind of stool normally indicates that someone is suffering from gallbladder issues.

If you detect and sense the change in your bowel movement's appearance, and smell, maybe its time for you to visit the doctor to see if you have any health-related issues.