Saturday, January 14, 2017

Here's What Will Happen Inside Your Body If You Consume Too Much Pork!

     A lot of us, minus the vegetarians, love eating beef, pork, seafood, and a lot more of meaty stuffs. There's the smoked bacon, the infamous lechon, the crispy liempo, and mouthwatering sisig. However did you know that pork is dangerous when you've eaten too much of it. Actually anything that we consume too much can be dangerous to our health and pork is one of it.

     The consumption of pork has been inevitable since it has been engraved in our culture and history. From the celebrations of birthdays, to weddings, to fiestas, Filipino's has been buying pork as one of their main meals to feast on. There are a lot of variations of what you can cook with pork, and a lot more chef's has been experimenting with pork as to what other unique cooking recipe they can create.

     However, a lot of experts have warned us about how unsafe pork is, since pork contains parasites and bacteria that can be very harmful to our bodies. Normally pigs are usually fed with leftover food, and sometimes even spoiled foods. There are also times that pigs even eat feces, that's why their bodies contain toxic substances that can break down and spread all over the meat.

     The toxic substances remains in the pig's cells and organs, which leads to the growth of parasites. There are even certain study reports that the microorganism called Yersinis Enteroclitic which is found in pork can cause issues such as diarrhea, vomiting, fever, sickness, cramps, and gastrointestinal sickness.

     There are other studies that showed that Ractopamine and Trichinella were also found in pork, and these substances are feed additive for pigs that can cause problems eventually in the reproductive health, birth defects,  and even death, endema, myalgia, and fever.

That's why these experts suggests that cooking pork should be in a very high temperature so that the bacteria and parasites that lives in the pork's meat will die. Watch what will happen if you eat too much of pork that is not cooked properly!