Monday, January 30, 2017


Any women can experience vulvar or vaginal blister. If this happens to you, it doesn't mean that you are dirty or you are sexually active or you have an STD. Common cause for this blisters are clogged sweat glands, ingrown hair and friction. Talking about vaginal blisters is not enjoyable but there's no need to be ashamed of. This are just normal ordinary blisters that can be dealt easily. STD blisters and non-STD vaginal / vulvar blisters have differences that are very visible. So don't panic. The ordinary vulvar blister looks like the normal blister that we experience when we wear new shoes. Usually oval in shape and soft, it feels like a gel or water inside. The boarders of this blister are not visible. This blister also doesn't burn, smell bad or itch. So if your blisters gives you this signs, just relax.

Mostly, this blister can last up to a week. It depends on your body's capacity to heal. Some are faster than the other. This appears anywhere near the vulva and should not cause any pain unless when you touch it, it will cause pain but very very minimal.
Let the blisters dry by itself, it has its own way of healing. Do not try to prick this blisters because that is the time when you invite infections to start. The most effective and common way to help this heal is to soak in a warm bath, it will rupture on its own and will not cause any pain.

Don't be afraid to seek the doctor's advise if you want to be sure.
Source : CentralReaders