Thursday, January 5, 2017


Most of the ladies thinks that by just washing our flower power with one those advertise feminine wash, we are already done and free of vaginal odor or infection. WRONG! Yes it is necessary to wash our private parts but there are more things that we must learn to take extra care in washing or keeping our private parts clean because, a wrong understanding can lead to a more serious infection. It is very important to consult doctors on a regular basis to see what is happening down there. Here are some basic tips that every ladies should be aware of :

1. Aside from feminine wash, you can also try using a very mild soap and water in washing your vagina.  Remember that be it soap or feminine wash, excessive usage can cause dryness of your vagina which can result to itchiness and irritation.

2. When wiping, it is always front to back.

3. Do not take for granted the "space" between the anus and vagina, always wash that area.
4. Wash buttocks last so that we can prevent the dirt from going to your private area.

5. To help prevent the bacteria from building up, wash you vagina at least once or twice a day. This will also help prevent the unpleasant odor.

6. It is advisable to shave, wax or trim your pubic hair. Aside from also keeping you from having that unpleasant odor, you don't want those hair coming out of your sexy underwear.

7. Try using a clean cotton underwear. It helps to prevent unpleasant odor as well.

Source : TNP