Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Never Store These 'FOOD & BEVERAGES' in the Freezer!

     Storing food in the freezer doesn't really mean that it makes your food always fresh and healthy for consumption! There are recommended foods that are to be kept in the refrigerator but not in the freezer. So, you might ask what kind of food should not be in the freezer?

     Before answering that question here's a tip, freezing food is actually a delicate matter so be careful on what you're freezing up. No matter what food you're freezing make sure that you will use or eat it within nine months or so. Also mind you that you need to defrost the freezer correctly or the food that is in the freezer will be spoiled.

     We normally treat refrigerators and freezers as a safe place for food and drinks, but in fact there are actually foods and drinks that shouldn't be placed in the freezer. It doesn't really harm you, but notice that when you eat the food or drink the beverage that you placed in the freezer the taste and texture becomes ruined.

     Here are the food and beverages that you shouldn't put in the freezer. Also here's a reminder that before you put anything such as food and beverages in the refrigerator let them cool down first because it can destroy your refrigerator.

1. Coffee

     Never freeze coffee beans or coffee especially the packaged ones because the coffee will surely absorb the odors from the freezer which it'll eventually lose its original flavor.

2. Eggs

     Eggs aren't really supposed to be stored in the refrigerator or in the freezer because the liquid in the egg will expand which will make your eggs have cracks in it and eventually will soil your freezer and leave a bad odor in your refrigerator.

3. Food Thawed

     There will be a development of unhealthy bacteria when you reheat the food then store it in the freezer again which is not a good idea as it can be the reason of spoiling of food.

4. Green Vegetables

     You can put peas and strawberries in the freezer but not with root green vegetables such as spinach, coriander, fenugreek, lettuce as they can wilt and their nutrients will be removed. Its much better to eat green vegetables as soon as you buy-clean-cook them. Try not to store them in the freezer because it will loose its freshness.

5. Mayonnaise

     Mayonnaise and other milk products doesn't really match with freezer that is because these milk products will get destroyed once they got thawed (heated up). The health benefits of these foods is lost once it gets frozen because freezing these foods are damaging its nutrients.