Sunday, January 15, 2017

These Common Habits Can Be Fatal To Your Kidneys! Check This Out!

    Your Kidneys are important to your body, and overworking them can be very fatal for you because kidneys function as a filter system that gets rid of potentially harmful toxins and unwanted substances.

You might be actually beating your kidneys right now because of these common habits below!

1. Binge Drinking

     Drinking too much alcohol is actually pretty bad for you, not only for your wallet, but also for your kidneys. Take note that your kidneys can only filter the right amount of alcohol, that's why if you feel that you're already drinking too much, stop.

2. Smoking

     Smoking from all various stuffs like cigarettes can damage a lot of organs in your body which will eventually slow down their functions, and after some time you'll render them useless. So, you better stop smoking as soon as possible, for you, your health, the people around you, and the environment.

3. Stopping or Holding Your Pee

     Here's a reminder from your science teacher, urine is a product of your kidney's effort to filter out your body's toxins. It contains the substances that your body is trying to get rid of, and you shouldn't hold it in because it can cause you kidney stones.

4. Too Much Junk Food

     A lot of us normally go and stop at a convenience store whenever we see one, and the junk food aisle is normally a pit stop for us, but did you know that too much junk food and fast food store products can cause kidney complications? These junk foods are typically processed and full of sodium and sugar which isn't really good for you at all.

5. Being Lazy

     Since the holidays are over, the food that you consumed will actually make your kidneys overworked. Make sure to help out your organs by exercising to loose some unwanted fats in your body.