Sunday, January 15, 2017

This Wonder Berry Can Cure Cancer?! Must See!

     A team of Medical Scientists from Brisbane, Australia has found a wonder berry that can fight cancer. This wonder berry is projected to completely redefine the pharmaceutical industry with its properties of healing. The said berry was found in the northern part of Queensland in Brisbane, and has been being studied for 8 years.

     The study was led by Dr. Glen Boyle from the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute in Brisbane. Dr. Glen confirmed that the berry that comes from the blush wood tree with the scientific name Hylandia Dockrillii, has fast-acting medicinal properties that can cure cancer. A drug made from this berry has been being manufactured and is being tested with 300 animals that has cancer cells.

     According to the ABC News, 75% of the test animal subjects were treated and became cancer-free after the said tests. The new drug, EBC-46 has been astounding because so far it has no side effects which is a good thing.

     The journal article that was released by Dr. Boyle states that the tumors weren't completely gone, but those tumors have significantly shrank by a big amount. and he added that the attempts to grow the tree has been proven to be difficult, but they have made enough of the drug in which they can begin the human trials.