Saturday, January 14, 2017

WARNING: Don't Eat These Foods While You're Taking Medicines!

     We all know that taking the right medication with the right food is important, especially when you're experiencing a particular illness, like heart disease, or diabetes. Some doctors would even advice their patients to always eat before taking their medicine.

     However, some food and medicine aren't really compatible with each other, because some food can have a side effect while you are taking medicine for your specific illness. Below are food that you should avoid when you're taking medication! Make sure to take down some notes!

If you have problem with your Thyroid and is drinking medicine for it:

     You should avoid eating Walnuts because it can prevent your body from absorbing the prescribed medicine that your doctor gave you. Normally the doctors would ask you to drink the medicine for your thyroid before going to bed so that your body will absorb the medicine properly.

If you have a Bacterial Infection and is drinking medicine for it:

     You should avoid eating Cured Meats because these foods can affect your blood pressure greatly and yes, blood pressure is one to be considered when you have a bacterial infection.

If you are drinking Tetracycline Antibiotics:

     You should avoid eating Dairy Products because the antibiotics will be less effective on you when you eat dairy products.

If you are drinking Blood Thinner Medicine:

     You should avoid eating Spinach and other leafy veggies because the medicine will be less effective and you can risk yourself from arterial clotting.

If you are drinking Anticoagulants:

     You should avoid drinking Cranberry Juice because the thinning of the blood can happen in you drink cranberry juice while taking anticoagulants. This can lead to complications if its not avoided.

If you are drinking Heart Failure Medication:

     You should avoid from consuming Black Licorice because the chemical called glycyrrhizin can cause your heartbeat to become irregular which can trigger serious complications.

If you are drinking Medicines for Cholesterol:

     You should avoid eating Grapefruit because when you consume grapefruit when you've taken the medicine for cholesterol then you'll have a leg pain and this could mean that the medication for your cholesterol is just boosting the blood in your bloodstream.

If you are drinking Medicines for Blood Pressure:

     Avoid eating Bananas because this can lead to complications in your heart such as palpitations and irregular heartbeat.