Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Ladies would spend a lot to achieve a sexy and kissable lips. Normally, we would have more that 5 lipstick, but after wearing even the most expensive one, our lips would feel dry and choppy. With that again we would apply a lip balm that claims to be all natural but actually, it is made up mostly of different chemicals.

If you have brown skin, having a little bit darker lips than normal is common. Even those who have fairer skin experience dark lips which is normally cause by prolong exposure to the sun, too much lipstick, smoking and simply lack of attention to the lips.

This article will help you save money because all the ingredients that you need to use can already be available in your home and not too expensive. Plus, because its all natural, you can be sure that there will be no side effects.

Here are some of the natural home remedies that will make your lips healthy and smooth.

1. Sugar - mix 3 tablespoon of sugar and 2 tablespoon of butter, massage or scrub gently on your lips. This will make you lips shinier and will retain its natural color.

2. Rose - combine one drop of rose water with honey and massage to your lips three or four times a day. You can also combine the rose petal paste with butter, honey or milk cream.
*rose water is literally rose and water combine. just simmer the 2 ingredients until the water changes color to pink or reddish (petals can be fresh or dried).

3. Pomegranate - using the crush seeds of pomegranate, combine it with rose water and milk cream. Apply and gently scrub the paste to your lips. Rinse with warm water. Do this once a day.

4. Olive Oil - massage oil in your lips before going to bed or you can add a little sugar to make it like a scrub. Because of the sugar, just do this once a week. Too much scrubbing of sugar to you lips might be painful.

5. Lemon - dub a few drops of lemon juice before going to bed. If you want to add sugar, you can, it will already act as an exfoliant and will make dead skin cells in your lips disappear. Again if you add sugar, do this scrub once a week only.

6. Honey - applying honey on your lips and leaving it overnight will make your lips pinkish. Be watchful of the ants though. :)

7. Cucumber slices - scrub the cucumber to you lips for 5 minutes. By doing this, your lips will absorb the juice that the cucumber have, transferring all the vitamins to your lips.

8. Strawberry and Raspberry juice - mix vera gel, honey and raspberry juice and gently massage on your lips for 10 minutes. rinse with luke warm water. As a natural lip balm, you can mix strawberry juice and petroleum jelly.

9. Beetroot  and Carrot juice - combine the 2 juices and massage to your lips for 10 minutes and rinse with warm water. You can do this for 2 weeks, once a day.

10. Almond oil - if your lips feel dry, dub a few drops of almond oil with one tablespoon of honey in your lips. It will make your lips smooth and soft.

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Source : TAUN