Wednesday, February 1, 2017

6 Things that Might be the Cause of your Pimples! Check these Out!

Pimples are normally caused by an infection of bacteria's into your pores. And having Pimples in your face is really embarrassing specially if the pimple is larger than the normal size.
Here are the things that might be the cause of your Pimples:
1. Make-ups
Choose the most suitable and best make-up for your skin, since some make-ups makes your skin get irritated.
2. Rubbing and Touching your face
Just by rubbing and touching your own face, or letting another person touch your face while having a dirty hand will transfer the bacteria from your hands.
3. Bacteria, Oil, and Dead Skin
These blocks your pores that results in your skin being infected and pimples will start to build up.
4. Genetics
Some people inherits the genes, and if you did inherit them, you have a higher chance of having pimples.
5. Hygiene
Take a bath daily, or wash your hands a lot, because a person who lacks personal hygiene normally suffers from having too many pimples.

6. Digestive Tracks
Try to avoid fatty and oily foods because it will produce more oil on your body and can normally be produced through pimples.

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