Saturday, February 25, 2017

Here are Surprising Health Benefits of Making Love That You Probably Don't Know!

     Making love is not only for pleasure, did you know it's also good for you? The benefits of making love range from slashing stress levels to lowering your risk of getting cancer and heart attacks. Making love facilitates bonding and feelings of intimacy with your partner. This kind of connection does more than make you feel warm and fuzzy, it actually reduces anxiety and boosts your overall health.      This activity benefits your body in many of the same ways as exercise, boosting heart and immunity and lowering blood pressure.. It can improve your sleep, intimacy, and self-esteem and it may also lower your stress and provide pain relief.

Here are some ways that making love can actually improve your health:

1. Good for blood pressure

     According to the experts, woman who are sexually active between ages 57 and 85 are less likely to suffer from hypertension.

2. It can improve your overall physical fitness

     A study claims that the more you do this, solo or making love to your partner, you can gain more strength, agility, and speed.
3. Women who have make love more often have sharper memories

     A study in Archives of Sexual Behavior found that the more often women had make love to their partner, the better they performed on a word-memorization task. Researchers claims that making love could stimulate cell growth in the hippocampus, the area of the brain that store memories.

4. Look younger

     Making love keeps you younger looking. Doing this regularly can stimulates the release of estrogen and testosterone, hormones that keep you young and vital looking.

     Enjoying a healthy life style is one the great joys in life. Knowing intimacy could be a boon for your long-term health as well makes it that much more pleasurable.
Source: Glamour