Friday, February 3, 2017


How can you wear your favorite sandals or sleepers if your dry heels are very visible and can possibly ruin your entire look? Now that summer will be just around the corner, you all want to flaunt that beach body and smooth skin from head to toe, but how can that be if your heels are cracked and flaky. That is embarrassing right? We tend to forget about our heels because most of always wear shoes at school or work. Most common reasons for dry heels are, we don't moisturize that area (we don't put lotion or moisturizers), aging, we stand on hard surfaces for too long, and even wearing wrong kind of shoes or any kinds of footwear.

Ladies you don't just give attention to what is seen, most of the time the heels are taken for granted. This article that I will be sharing with you is all natural and no side effect. This also can be a start for you to attain those soft pinkish heels that you want. In preparation for summer or just a preparation for you to wear those sexy slingback sandals that you've been dying to wear.

Here are the 2 ingredients that is already available in your kitchen.

- 3 tablespoon of baking powder
- 4 cups of milk
Easy procedure :

Heat the milk and add the baking powder, pour in a bowl that can accommodate both of your feet. Check if the temperature of the mixture is already comfortable or tolerable when you soak your feet.
After 10 minutes of soaking your feet and relaxing, rinse with warm water then dry. You can put moisturizer or lotion afterwards.

Do this everyday for fast and best result.

Instead of going to spa or salon to get a treatment which are expensive, try this home remedy. No need for you to spend long hours sitting in a salon which is taking up forever just for one foot spa. Plus, what is commonly being use are chemical that can be harmful to your skin that can cause redness or itchiness.

Source : CR