Sunday, February 19, 2017

Reasons Why You Should Make L*ve in the Morning!

     A lot of health experts have stated that the best time for a couple to make l*ve is early in the morning. Its just that some couples, chose to not take advantage of this because a lot of them are too lazy, still sleepy, haven't brushed their teeth, etc. What these couples doesn't know is that making l*ve early in the morning is the best kind of s*x they could have because there's a lot of benefits that they can get by making l*ve in the morning! Making L*ve in the morning can:

Improve your Mood

     Some research shows that being intimate and doing it early in the morning can help to improve your mood for the whole day, and making l*ve in just one day can actually last until seven days, which means, if you make l*ve with your partner on a Sunday morning, you'll be in a good mood, and stressed free for a whole week! And who doesn't want that?

Cure Morning Sickness

     According to a professor from SUNY-Albany, if you swallow sp*rm, yes, that white sticky substance, it can actually cure your morning sickness-grogginess, especially for pregnant women. Also, take note that it is encouraged by doctors and it is advisable that, a pregnant woman should have s*x or make l*ve with their partner to cure their morning sickness.

Makes you Healthy

     Early morning s*x doesn't just improve your mood but it can also strengthen your immune system, because making l*ve early in the morning can boost your IgA levels, and IgA is an antibody that can help to protect you from infections.

Make your Man last longer

     It has been shown in several studies that the testosterone level of men is at its peak during the morning, because their body has already gained the energy it needed. And ladies, take note that if your man is too h*rny in the morning, and you want a wild and long lasting s*x, then fully take advantage of it while you can.

Make the whole event as Clear as Crystal for the Both of you

     Since you made l*ve early in the morning, there's a high chance that you and your partner will remember the whole event the whole day, and would give you something to giggle for the whole day too. Also it'll make you look forward to the next day, as to see and find out what will happen on the next day ahead of you.

Save up your time

     Time, when it comes for Gym Time, because making l*ve in the morning is equivalent to spending your time at the gym. Many believe that making l*ve for an hour is equaled to burning your fats when you jog for 30 minutes. 

Reaffirm your feelings

     Making l*ve early in the morning is said to be the most intimate time in which you can have s*x. Why? Because it can reaffirm your feelings for each other. It means that you still love them even if they don't look like at their best like they have a messy hair, bad breath, etc.

Gets you going

     Making l*ve is better than drinking coffee in the morning, you don't need to wait before the effects kick in. Making l*ve can give you that boost of energy to start up your day and it can also make you addicted to it a lot like coffee.
Source: Kami