Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Recent Study: Eating Too Much Lychees Could Kill You!

     Lychee is sweet and has a very fragrant smell. Lychee is usually available in summer days. This unique fruit has originated from China, but today it is normally found in most of the South East Asian countries. It is the member of soap-berry family, Sapindaceae.
     Recent researches has uncovered a deadly truth about one of your favorite exotic fruit, and that is these researchers investigated the unexplained deaths of hundreds of children in India.


     In every year, an unknown illness strikes the poor children living in the town of Muzzafarpur, India. In the Bihar region, more than 100 innocent children suffered from a mystery illness every year which includes sudden seizures and losing consciousness, with around third of them dying.

     The expert researchers have identified the cause of this mysterious illness and pinned it down to the consumption of large amount of lychee fruit, on an empty stomach. When you eat this fruit on an empty stomach, the lychee fruit contains amino acid, which can decrease your blood glucose levels, therefore sending the children into hypoglycemia.


     After they uncovered the cause of the illness in India, health officials have advised the parents to make sure that their children get full meals in the evening and to reduce the number of lychees they eat. The number of children who suffer in this disease has lessen since then.