Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Science Can Soon Develop Babies From Skin Cells?! Must See!

     Thanks to the revolution of technology called in vitro gametogenesis or IVG in short, scientists and doctors can now develop eggs and sperm from skin cells which is a really surprising source. The reproductive cells can be used to create fertilized embryos which can be implanted into a woman's uterus or maybe someday, an artificial womb where the babies can live for 9 months

     So Far, the researchers from Japan has created viable eggs from the skin cells of the adult female mice which would be fertilized with the sperm from a male mice. It's not yet feasible for people, but it seems that in the near future, this IVG will turn into a reality for most people.

     Maybe someday these scientists can develop the would be features of the baby when they grow up. But, do you think that this is good? or its a bit scary? It seems that the more these scientist get into business the more the modern technology will reach another brink of revolution and in which it will repeat the process until they succeed with what they're planning to do.