Tuesday, March 14, 2017

7 Surprising Health Benefits Of Cuddling/Hugging that You Should Be Aware Of!

      We are natural-born cuddlers. From the moment we're place in our mother's arms and realize the snuggled up all warm and cozy next to someone we love is the most perfect place one can be. There's nothing quite like being wrapped in the arms of someone about whom you care endlessly.      Have you ever wondered why a mother instinctively holds her child when they are sad or upset? Or why it is very common to reach out to hug someone after they've experienced tragedy or loss? Because we all know that holding someone releases a hormone that help them to feel better.

Here are the seven benefits of staying locked in one another's arms longer than usual:

1. It can reduce the risk of getting heart diseases.

2. Lowers your blood pressure.

3. Releases the "feel-good" hormone oxytocin.

4. Lowers your stress and anxiety

5. Boost your memory.

6. Improves communication to your relationship.

7. Encourages a positive disposition.

    Most importantly, spending time cuddling with those that are the most important to you just feels so good. Add all of these benefits to your health and maybe it's time to put down that cellphone and have some good cuddle time with someone special. As a little as a few minutes of cuddling can get the oxytocin flowing, but it's good to get at least 15 minutes or more in your daily life.

Source: HD