Sunday, March 26, 2017

Famous Author Cured Her Stage 4 Cancer With Just One Ingredient! Check This Out!

     Ann Cameron is a famous book author that writes Children's books was diagnosed with a 3rd stage of colon cancer which was year 2012. Her experience was a terrible one, but she overcome it with just one ingredient, so she decided to share her own experience about her journey to overcoming her cancer.

     Cameron was one of the lucky persons who survived cancer, and what's great is that she beat her disease by going the natural way. She didn't opted for the treatment of removing the tumor, instead she searched for an alternative and natural method in which she can treat herself without hurting herself in the process

     Cameron loves studying and reading, and since she got cancer, she decided to study alternative treatments, and found an information about a Ralph Cole, who cured his skin cancer by just consuming 2.5 kilograms/ 5 pounds of carrot juice a day.

     Cameron decided that she needs to do it too. She drank carrot juice with the same daily doses as Ralph Cole did. After a straight 8 weeks of drinking carrot juice everyday, she went for a medical check up, and it revealed that the cancer has stopped spreading, and even the tumors began to decrease in its size and number.

     After 4 months of continuous drinking of carrot juice, Cameron felt much better and alive. Its like she's back to normal, and thankfully her tumor was withdrawing. Cameron decided that she will continue to drink carrot juice for a year more everyday, which was good as after 8 months, her cancer was completely gone.

     There were a lot of treatments for cancer, however Cameron opted to work with carrot juice only, as she didn't want to deal with any side effects. According to Cameron, in case you are diagnosed with cancer, try the carrot juice treatment as it can stop the cancer cells proliferation, and hopefully cure yourself by going for the natural way!