Thursday, March 2, 2017

Most Shocking Ways TO Catch S*xual Disease Without Having S*x! MUST READ

There are certain things that we use everyday, and that could put you in contact with dangerous sexual disease, although completely harmless act.

It’s so important that you know how to protect yourself. Considering that STDs are, by definition, “sxually transmitted,” it’s no surprise that unprotected sxual interc0urse is the most common way to contract an STD. But what you might not know is that it’s still possible to contract an STD even if you have never had s*x or are not currently sxually active.
The following 4 items are the main carriers of viruses and bacteria and you must not share those with the environment and other people. Avoid sharing them and lower risk of getting sxual disease.

   Lip Balm

Lip balm, lipstick and cigarettes are something you should only use by yourself and you are not allowed to share those with anyone!

   Hand Towel

Sxually transmitted diseases are actually bacteria and viruses that multiply easily in humid or wet items, and hand towels are just some of them. Just like lip balm, make sure you always have your cloth not shared with anyone.

If you use other people’s towels, there is a great danger of contracting trichomoniasis, which is very awkward sxual diseases.


Besides damaging the health of the skin, this place is ideal for STDs. If you thought that UV radiation in tanning salons will destroy all bacteria, you are wrong.

HPV, which is one of the most widespread viruses, certainly will survive and be transmitted by contact of skin on skin or through infected object. Underwear in the solarium will allow sufficient protection because HPV virus can live on the toes and other body parts.


As much as you are in an emergency situation when you need a razor and you do not have your own, and you are in a temptation to use one of your sister, mother or room-mate, don’t do that! During shaving, the skin damage and create minor cuts, representing door open for viruses.

Through the blood that is maintained on the surface of Gillette razor which you borrowed from another person, it is easy for the bloodstream to transmit sxual disease, such as hepatitis B.