Friday, April 7, 2017

Here are 5 Reasons as to Why You Should Eat Spicy Foods!

     Are you a fan of eating spicy foods? or not? Well, we can't really argue if you don't like the hot and spicy feeling in your mouth and even in your whole body since it can burn the tongue like a wildfire and it leaves a hot tingling sensation in your mouth that is very hard to ignore.

     However, did you know that eating spicy foods has actually some health benefits! And you might actually reconsider eating spicy foods after you've read this!

1. Spicy Food Can Boost Your Immune System

     Do you have chills or colds a lot of times? Your immune system might have been compromised and eating something spicy can actually help you with that problem. There are antibacterial properties in spicy food, and together with the high amounts of the antioxidant phenolic component, spicy foods can help you fight off viruses.

     Also capsaicin, which is found within spicy foods, especially with chili, is beneficial to the heart and the lungs.

2. Spicy Food Can Prevent You From Over Eating

     Scientists have found out that eating spicy appetizer before eating a full meal such as meaty food will make you feel much fuller and it will reduce the urge of you to over eat.

3. Spicy Food Can Fight Off Inflammation

     Since spicy food contains high phenolic content, it can help you to ward off swelling and inflammation which prevents infection and complications.

4. Spicy Food Can Help Out in the Blood Vessel Function

     Spicy food can help you to fight heart diseases and also high blood pressure. The elements that is found within spicy food has been proven to help in reducing the amount of LDL Cholesterol, which ensures you to have a proper blood sugar regulation.

5. Spicy Food Can Make You Live Longer

     Yes! You've read that right! Spicy food can help you extend your life. Those people who consume spicy food has a decreased chance of dying young by 14% than those who don't eat spicy food.