Monday, April 3, 2017

You Should Keep These Plants in Your Home To Make You Healthier!

     Most of us know instinctively that being close to greenery makes us feel more at ease with our surroundings. We experience less stress when there are plants around us. Buildings are quieter and more relaxed but, at the same time, more stimulating and interesting. A substantial body of academic research, has shown conclusively that interior landscaping has dramatic effects on the well being of building occupants.

     Plants have large surface and exchange gases and water with their surroundings. There is general agreement among scientists that plants improve the indoor environment and are useful in fighting the modern phenomenon of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS).

Benefits of Plants to Your Home:

  • Better smell
  • Cold/illness prevention
  • Improved brain function
  • Reduced stress
  • Less anxiety

1. Aloe Very Plant

      This plant contains a lot of healing abilities. It is considered as one of the best air-improving plants by NASA because it is known to produce oxygen at night. High oxygen level can decrease the insomnia and provide better night sleep.

2. Gardenia Plant

     It has a nice scent and white blooms, which have a sedative effect on those who inhale their fragrance. Researchers claims that gardenia was just as effective as valium in helping the brain and body to relax. Keeping a gardenia plant on your bedside table can enhance relaxation in your bedroom.

3. Lavender Plant

     This plant has the ability of calming effect. A study conducted by researchers from the University of Miami School of Medicine, found that the smell of lavender help in reducing stress, slow heart rate, anxiety, improves sleep, and even calm the babies down.

4. Jasmine Plant

     It is an exotic plant which has an aroma proven to help against insomnia. It also helps improve productivity and alertness, Just smell this plant to get rid of your stress and anxiety.

5. Valerian Plant

     This plant is known as one of the best herbs for insomnia. It is also used as an anti-anxiety and sedative treatment. It's a common ingredient in products which are promoted as mild sedative and sleep aids for insomnia and nervous tension.