Friday, April 21, 2017

You're Not Fat! Your Stomach is Just Bloated And Here Is The Solution!

     You aren't really fat, your stomach is just bloated! You probably have felt bloated after over eating, right? Don't worry because its really normal to feel bloated after eating a lot of food. There are certain times that we really can't say No to Good and Tasty food, specially on buffets, right?
     Though there are times that some people experience being bloated all the time, like every time, and that would cause them to fart excessively and burp loudly a lot of times. Don't worry cause you can actually get rid of the feeling of being bloated. You just need to know the reasons and the remedies or solutions for being bloated.

Feeling Bloated: Reasons and Solutions!

Number 1: Water
     This is one of the main reasons of being bloated. Why? Because your body needs a lot of water, and you're probably drinking very less of it. Did you know that when a person does not drink the prescribed amount of water, which is 8 to 9 glasses per day, their body would start using the available body fluids, and this would cause a person to feel bloated. That's why it is really necessary to drink lots of water everyday, specially during hot seasons, If your caffeine and alcohol intake is high, you should drink more than 9 glasses of water, because these two can make your mouth dry.

Number 2: Constipation
     You probably felt constipated, and if you ever felt that, then you should eat food that is high in fiber. You don't really  need to suddenly eat food with fiber, you can include fiber in your diet slowly, like minimal amounts then you'll add more then a lot more the next time you eat. There are also ways in which you can change your diet, like eat brown rice instead of white rice, and eat a lot of berry fruits and drink fresh smoothies. Did you know that a constipated bowel means that there are gasses present in your feces?

Number 3: Stress
     Stress is also one of the main causes of bloating. Its because the digestive system doesn't work properly when it is under stress. That's why stay away from getting stressed because once the problem of stress is solved and okay, your digestive system will work properly now and bloating and stomach pain will automatically go away too.

Number 4: Eating
     Eating is good, its just that when you eat too fast it will cause bloating because digestion happens at its own pace, meaning, eat small bites of food, and chew them properly and slowly so your digestive system won't have a hard time breaking all the food down and digest it. There is a process that happens in our digestive system, and that's why you should eat slowly, and savor your food.

Number 5: Carbohydrates
     Food rich in Carbohydrates can cause bloating, that's why you should avoid high-carbohydrate foods same as food that has lots of sugar, and alcoholic drinks. Instead eat more fruits and vegetables for a healthy living.