Friday, May 26, 2017

The Location of Body Acne Can Reveal Body’s Health Problems!

We all have suffered from acne breakouts sometime or another. Whether your face or any other location, your pimples might have an interesting way of alerting you to any problems.

Acne breakouts are frequent across 14 zones in our boy, and these areas are thought to correspond with internal organs. The twenty-first-century doctors who analyzed and interpreted against Chinese and Ayurvedic ancient medical texts created a diagram highlighting those 14 areas of our body.

Zone 1:

Jaw and neck:

This is due to hormonal overdrives or if you’re consuming too much sugar, having long and greasy hair. Overactive hormones are expected during puberty.

Zone 2 and 3:


High-stress levels can contribute to this. That, or lugging around heavy luggage by the shoulder straps.

Zone 4:


Pimples in your chest area, along with a lot of whiteheads may point towards digestive problems, allergies, and poor eating habits. Try to avoid spicy foods and cold beverages in this case and wear soft cotton and natural fabrics. Don’t leave any fungal infections untreated.

Zone 5 and 6:

Rough skin on arms coupled with goosebump like spots is known as keratosis pilaris. Appears due to poor circulation or excess of dead cells around your hair follicles. This can also be a sign of improper vitamin utilization by the body.

Regular exfoliation and salicylic moisturizers can help greatly.