Monday, June 5, 2017

19 Eye-Opening Before and After Insane Photoshopped Photos of Asians That You Must See

Adobe Photoshop has first released 26 years ago, and since then you cannot trust anything you see in the internet. What may look like a simple picture at first, could look like a stunning portrait after a photoshop has done its magic.

And because of that, we put together a list of before and after photos that will prove the power Photoshop. The results are mind-blowing and will surely open your eyes!

On a social network 'Weibo' a user named Kanahoooo is making rounds all over this Chinese social media.

He has been given the nickname "Photoshop Holy"

Kanahoooo's job is actually photo manipulating so people can be beautiful in their photos.

Photo editors usually just put away the files after they're done with them...

For this user, Kanahoooo, saving these files after editing has become a habit.

Kanahoooo has a purpose why he shared this photos.

He wants to warn everyody not to believe all the pretty and cute photos you see on social media sites.

He also advises people to see the one their dating in person if they want to know how they truly look like.

Kanahoooo does all that by using color correction, eye correction and the like.

Not only does he work on making cute faces, he can also make someone appear slimmer.

It's very simple to trick people these days.

If an editing software is not available, several apps can do the same thing.

Just to get likes and more followers on social media.

How about you? Would you rather have people praise and like you for your over edited photos or be accepted for showing your true skin? Leave a comment below!