Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A Huge Gorgeous Man, 'Tree Man' The Internet’s Latest Sensation

The netizens go crazy with the next online sensation.

Danny Jones, aka Tree Man, is the newest huge thing, and we do mean HUGE. Just stare at this guy. It all began when “la loba” tweeted about Danny, with pictures showing how big he is.

Danny Jones, aka Tree Man, is the latest huge thing, and we do mean HUGE.

Turns out the man is a personal trainer and not only he is physically big, he is actually a good looking guy. So, word spread around about the Tree Man. Twitter just basically go crazy.

Lana Del Rey also joined in on the fun.

He is BIG. We can’t repeat that enough.

He stands 6’7 feet and weighs 265 lbs. THAT'S MASSIVE.

Having trouble in changing the light bulb?

Emojis? or maybe not?

That counter!

Door vs. Tree Man.

Those thighs.

He’s also too big for regular stairs.

Unfortunately, it looks like Danny is off the market. Check out his hot lady.

Again, that emoji.

Thank you, Tree Man, for making our day.

Source: elitereaders.com