Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Doll-Faced Thai Actress Revealed Her Deepest Secret And It Will Surely Stun You!

There are several of Thai actresses who are also famous worldwide such as Norwegian-Thai female pop star Michele Waagaard, Hacks 1997 winner, Patchrapa Chaichua, Miss World 1996 candidate Cindy Burbridge, and Thai-British actress/model Paula Taylor. Now, another name is making rounds in Thailand.

This is Yoshi Rinrada. Who's currently one of the prettiest actresses in Thai showbiz, this young actress is definitely a charming young lady. Her doll-like appearance has caught her various advertisement agreements and magazine covers.

Apart from holding one of Thailand’s currently leading models, Yoshi has also been in a plenty of onscreen projects like the 2014 Thai drama series “Lovesick: The Series” and 2017 film “Lowriders.”

Several people liked her for owning near-perfect facial characteristics and some are charmed because of her bubbly character. She balances her dazzling face with outfits that are so fit for her petite body.

But behind the gorgeous, pretty face and excellent curves, this young actress has a secret that has stunned the world. Yoshi Rinrada was actually born as a male!

Yup, you read it right! She is really one of Thailand’s fastest-rising transgender today.

Yoshi already knew and feel that she is a girl ever since she was a little kid and in fact, she grew up being enclosed by other Thai girls that's why she also desired to be one.

She was recognized after winning a transgender beauty contest when she was just a student. Rinrada has also attracted the hearts of numerous in neighboring Asian nations with her near-flawless skin and attractive face.

Many were shocked after knowing that, despite having a lady’s character, Yoshi did not undergo gender reassignment surgery and has no plan of undergoing one in the future!

Source: TNP