Saturday, June 10, 2017

Google And Facebook's Office Pictures Show Why You Want To Quit Your Current Job

Two of the Internet's largest names Google and Facebook claim of the offices best companies can only dream of. It's very difficult to choose one over the other as both are uniquely remarkable in their own ways.

We are speaking about Google's brand new, never-ending London Headquarters that is being dubbed as a 'landscraper' and Facebook's remarkably expensive Menlo Park Headquarters in California, USA.

Google submitted its ultimate development project for its new 92,000-square meter landscaper this week.

With an aim of getting construction on the building in King's Cross by 2018, the office will have space for more than 4,000 employees, a rooftop garden, a running track, a swimming pool, massage rooms and much more.

The structure is being designed by Bjarke Ingels Group and Heatherwick Studios, which had designed the 2012 London Olympic Cauldron.

The building will stand 11 storeys tall and stretch parallel to the platforms of London's King's Cross railway station. The main 11-storey building will be spread across 80,819 square meters of space.
According to UK's Architect's Journal, the entire complex will cost some £1 billion.

Google's New King's Cross HQ

It is going to be the first building to be wholly owned by and designed for Google outside of the US.

Thomas Heatherwick has described the concept like this: "The area is a fascinating collision of diverse building types and spaces, and I can't help but love this mix of massive railway stations, roads, canals and other infrastructure all layered up into the most connected point in London."

The architectural sketch of the building is breathtaking, to say the least. One can only wait for such a grand and other-worldly HQ to emerge in reality.

One of the USPs of London Google HQ: Large Open Spaces

This is going to be a uniform facet of the Google surroundings in London. Inside, following amenities will exist that you'd expect out of the 'Playstore' developers.

- Cafes/meeting rooms 
- Three-lane 25-meter swimming pool 
- Massage rooms
- Multi-use games area for sports like basketball/football
- 210-seat auditorium for product announcements/talks

The roof will be covered in a 300-meter-long garden divided into different zones including:

- Pause area filled with wildflowers/woodland plants 
- Cafe
- 200-meter "trim trail" for runners

Google's New London HQs in King's Cross as seen from the east.

A screenshot of the expansive and extremely wide structure of the office from the eastern side.
From this angle, the symmetry of the HQ can be noticed along with the huge view of the King's Cross area.

By the Regent's Canal.

The building is located in the middle of a major re-development of the area by the Regent's canal.
Parts of the building will overlook canals in the King's Cross area.
The building's plans show space for 686 bikes with just four car parking spaces.
Solar panels on the roof have a combined annual output of almost 20MWh.
Motorised timber blinds outside of the building serve to keep direct sunlight out.

Google's new offices from the Train Station.

This is going to be the main entrance to the offices opposite King's Cross Train Station.
The London HQ will form a new campus that will house 7,000 Google employees.
Dubbed a "landscraper", the finished building will be longer than the Shard (London's tallest skyscraper).

11 storey-high new Google building.

Isn't this what an executive's dreams of? Rightfully, the pursuit of global excellence rests at the main entrance of Larry Page and Sergey Brin's Google HQ.

Views of the Zone A Building In The Evening

From the Battle Bridge Place, the King's Boulevard, the Granary Square and from a King's Cross station platform, the 330 meters long Google's new HQ certainly make its presence felt.

Garden plan split into different zones. 

A plan for the garden shows that it is split into a number of different zones including a 200-meter running trail.

Proposed south facade with dynamic timber mullions opening.

Floor-to-ceiling windows will let in light all day, with rotating wooden shutters blocking the worst of the glare.

Although Google would house its London offices in the near future, the tech supergiant has set stratospheric standards for anyone else in their competition to keep pace with.

Meanwhile, it has been a good couple of years since social networking chiefs of Facebook filled up their Menlo Park HQ. Read below to know how Mark Zuckerberg and Co. changed the way IT companies look by transforming their workspace into an uber-cool highly efficient central HQ.

Facebook's Menlo Park campus building 20, California.

Facebook moved to a vast 430,000 square feet campus in Menlo Park in California, US, in March 2015. For this, Facebook got famed architect Frank Gehry on board to design its office complex that boasts of a 9-acre rooftop park.

Don't you just hate where you work already?

The people who work here have started calling the place 'their very own Cityville' due to the following features it has to offer.

Outdoor spaces of the Cityville.

- Nine-acre green roof-top park.
- Over 100,000 native plants to insulate the building and minimise the heating and cooling costs.
- Half-mile walking loop.
- 400 full-grown trees.
- Plus whiteboards, WiFi, plenty of places to sit and work for the employees.
- Adirondack chairs for napping.
- The policy that the roof is designed for both work and play

Says Facebook's top HR executive Lori Goler, "No one pays attention to how much someone is working or isn't working. The more efficiently you can deliver results, the better. The roof gives you some head space."

Mark Zuckerberg's post on Facebook after moving into Menlo Park.

He described the new HQ as "the largest open floor plan in the world"- a single room that fits thousands of people, reflecting a trend in tech and other industries to boost collaboration among employees.

Zuckerberg In a meeting room.

Such is the grandiose of the 'Cityville' that has been created by the largest social media company in the world.

The offices are full of designer decor such as this one. 

The place exudes an artsy vibe like no other. Every employee is welcome to express their own creativity and clear headspace in their personal spaces and common graffiti areas.

A casual stroll through the rooftop garden.

There is not a better calming zone than this one in the campus. It makes up for all the relaxation and leisure time for the workforce including things like running, yoga and other games.

An employee's post:

"Facebooking on the giant #rooftop#teepee swing. #roofgarden #mpk20 #menlopark #siliconvalley #whereiwork"

Original posters made by Facebook's employees.

Everyone who works at Facebook needs to constantly innovate and rejuvenate their energy chakras.

Therefore, it is encouraged to create individual artworks, paintings, posters, quotes, etc. so that the mind stays in the moment in a fully aware state and doesn't get consumed from the monotony of work.

The great wall inside Facebook

All the pictures above are a testament to the fact that no workplace on the Earth can be more fun and engaging than Google and Facebook.

Right from the scenic architecture and 21st Century state-of-the-art infrastructure to the dynamic range of activities, these two computer industry giants have hardly left out on any facility known to mankind which isn't going to be there at their offices.

Now, I think it was a safe bet to caption the post as 'The Offices Of Facebook and Google Will Make You Want To Quit Your Job.' -sighs-