Sunday, June 25, 2017

Here's What The Flow, Color And Frequency Of Bleeding Say About Your Period Health


Periods is a natural phenomenon. It happen once every month leaving you to feel all sick and bloated. However, we ladies must to remember that our periods have a direct connection to our health. And the color, flow and frequency tell a lot regarding our health. And while we feel shy talking about it, we often ignore that there might be a lot of things wrong.

Let's not ignore the mere signs and note everything down.

The flow of your periods tells a lot about your health. 

Light and heavy bleeding indicate different health issues. 

Light bleeding gives you a sign of hormonal imbalance, poor nutrition, stress and problems of thyroid; while heavy bleeding indicates chances of anemia. It can also lead to threatening fibroids.

If you are one of those that face bleeding even after your periods are bygone.

You need to note that this can be a sign of vginal infection, hormonal imbalance or even uterine polyps. 

There is a reason why you have bad menstrual cramps. 

Our body secretes a hormone called prostaglandin. It is the only reason the pain and cramps occur during our periods. You will be surprised to know that menstrual cramps in the lower abdomen can lead to a serious health problem called Endometriosis.

Knowing the color of your period might solve a lot of your questions related to health as well.

Apparently, the color tells a lot.


There's frozen blueberries, strawberry jam, and cranberry juice.

Frozen mashed blueberries indicate high-level estrogen and heavy periods while strawberry jam and cranberry juice indicate low-level estrogen and a light cycle. However, low-level estrogen flow makes women go PMS-ing more.

The frequency of your period tells a lot about your health too. 

A late period with no chances of pregnancy might lead to some or the other hormonal imbalance while a too frequent period might be a chance of an infection. You should immediately consult a doctor in both cases.

Let's share the story as much as we can with friends and warn them for the signs that might be fatal.

Source: Peanut Daily