Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Here's Why You Should Never DRY LAUNDRY Indoors!! The Side Effect Can Be Dangerous!

The latest studies have shown that drying clothes inside is potential health risk, especially for those people who have asthma or weakened immune system.

Lately a father of 3 kids from Bolton got a lung disease which was generated by drying his clothes inside his house. The spores which appear due to the mold from the wet clothes can cause serious lung infections.

Craig Mather 43 years old, was diagnosed with pulmonary aspergillosis. The doctor prescribed him antimicrobial medications and soon he felt better. In addition to the medical treatment, the doctor advised him that he need to stop to dry the clothes indoors, or his health condition will become even worse.

Following the doctor`s advice, Craig stopped drying the clothes inside for 12 months, and his health was significantly improved

According to experts, drying washing indoors can seriously harm your health. The evaporation increases the humidity by 30%, which creates an ideal environment for spore germination. For example, a group of washed laundry has over 2 liters of water which will evaporate in the room. Normally, human body is immune to this potential infection, but patients who have weaker immune system or asthma may experience breathing issuess and coughing.

Persons who have AIDS or those patients who undergo chemotherapy, individuals with autoimmune disease are at potential risk of pulmonary aspergillosis, which are caused by fungi. It is important to mention that this disease seriously can harm your health. In some specific cases it can even lead to fatal lung damage. That is the reason why all experts advise you to dry your laundry strictly outdoors.