Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Please Never Resist The Urge To Urinate Here's The Real Reasons Why

The urge to pee should NEVER EVER be resisted! Find out all the causes why and all the dilemmas you may struggle if you do hold it!

All the people in the world at some point have experienced the urge to urinate. Some more often than others due to specific conditions, but we all have at some point. These circumstances are common.

First of all, we are not always close to a restroom that allows us to urinate easily. However, enduring the urge to urinate carries many negative consequences, not only for the endocrine system, but for the body in general.

Today, we will explain to you what happens in your body when you hold the urge to urinate with lots of frequencies. The most common of the diseases is the urinary infection, which in this case is derived from a bacterial infection by holding the urine for a long time, infecting the urinary tract.

Another obvious problem is the development of kidney stones. This disease has become quite common at this time. If you experience from kidney stones (formation of stones or grit in the kidneys that prevent the normal urinary flow), enduring the urge to urinate will only worsen your condition. If you’re not urinating, you won’t be able to expel the stones and this problem will end up with a surgery.

Other problems caused by enduring the urge to urinate

In addition to infection and stones, there are also other problems caused by failure to urinate in time. One of them is cystitis consisting of inflammation of the bladder walls. This causes pelvic pain and pain when urinating. The bladder has a limited capacity; if you do not urinate when it indicates that you have the need to do so because it is full. If you do not, you will it to widen and lose some of its functionality.

Enduring urges makes the urine stay longer inside the body, which can cause fever, stomach pain, chills and more. In addition to all of the above, it can also cause swelling in the belly by uneven growth of the bladder. So from now on, do not try to ignore the urge to urinate.

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