Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Are you sleeping way too much? Did You Know Oversleeping Can Lead To Death?

How much sleep is needed? 

Explaining the question above is not easy. If you don't have an idea of the ideal amount, scientists on the other have a sound suggestion. They suggest a night sleep from 7 to 9 hours. We all know to the harms of shorter than needed sleeping. But we don't recognize in general that the extra rest is the same poison. Less sleeping is a condition and invites other health hazards. Oversleeping is no different.

Let's dig a bit deeper and know the reasons about why we should avoid ZZZs:

#1 Oversleepers are prone to depression.

Most of the cases of depression are due to Insomnia. But we do have a considerable number of cases that relate to oversleeping. A depressed person wants to sleep more and sleeping more further worsen the depression. In the worst cases, depression caused due to oversleeping, sometimes deprived sleep can help the patient. Consult an expert to overcome such situations.

#2 And the award for oversleeping is a blunt brain.

Night sleeping is the time when our brain processes our memory. Our brain clears the wastes by-products and balances neurotransmitters while we sleep. So, a sufficient amount of sleep is vital. Too much sleeping can be the direct reason of many brain related diseases. Like too little sleeping causes Alzheimer's, excess results in Dementia. Oversleeping also creates cognition problems.

#3 Messes with your heart.

Why does oversleeping give us heart hazards? There isn't any established reason for it yet. But the study owns some number that can make us worry. A study analyzed 72,000 women with different sleep patterns. The results proved that women sleeping 9 to 11 hours at night were 38% more vulnerable to heart problems than the ones who slept 7 to 8 hours.

#4 Leads to diabetes.

A study carried out in America indicated an impactful relation between sleep and diabetes. More than 9 hours of night sleep increases the risk of diabetes by 50%. Daily sleep of around 7 hours is the optimum amount to lessen the risk. Even the ones sleeping less than 5 hours have the same risk. Researchers did not give any real phenomenon to support the result, but they did suggest avoiding oversleeping to prevent diabetes.

#5 Oversleep hangover.

Yes, resting is relaxing. But an excess of resting can cause some severe pains which are in contrast to its actual purpose. Researchers believe that excess of sleep affects some neurotransmitters like serotonin. This effect, in turn, results in headaches. People sleeping in the day and lessening the amount of night sleep are also prone. Gone are the days when people suffering from back pain were suggested to rest more. Now, it's a known fact that even more than required resting can also cause a backache. A significant amount of activity and exercise is necessary to avoid such aches.

#6 Oversleeping affects your ability to reproduce.

A Korean research back in 2013 showed that the women sleeping 7 to 8 hours per night had highest pregnancy rates. On the other hand, the ones with 9 to 11 hours of sleep had the lowest. Doctors reveal that sleeping habits in women alter their circadian rhythms, hormone secretions, and even menstruation cycle. Still, they said that it's hard to establish the exact reason for the effect of sleep on pregnancy.

#7 You sleep a lot? You probably are obese then.

People sleeping too much might even weigh too much. A study showed that 9 to 10 hours of sleep increases the chances of obesity by around 21%. The study saw the effect in 6 years and found the 7-8 hour sleepers to be much less obese. Even the food habits and exercises do not alter the facts of this result.

#8 Death approaches.

What can be the worst effect of any evil habit? Death? Yes, that's true. Years long habit of sleeping excess can have the ultimate effect of early death. People sleeping more than 9 hours have much higher mortality rates than the ones who sleep for about 7 hours.

The scientists even can't explain this sleep-related death with clear facts. But other harmful effects may the reason in the long run. So, we all do realize the importance of rest.

But do we ever care about the importance of not sleeping in excess? These reasons do make me worry and alert. Are these facts enough for you to start monitoring your sleep? Have a healthy sleep and make others aware too.

Source: webmd