Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Attention To All Ladies: Never Ever Do This to Your Private Part!

Ladies, this is very important for you to learn (and understand) – the best and only way to prevent bacteria is to take a good care of your private area. There are several products on the stores today that can enhance the health and prevent the odor. But, unfortunately, some of them are filled with dangerous chemicals.

These intimate areas are in need of more care because they are very delicate and sensitive to infections. This is due to the skin nearby these areas being more sensitive. They are also at constant risk of being infected because of our bodies’ normal waste bi-products – namely, urine and feces.

Another cause for potential infection in our private parts is unprotected s*xual activity. Using dirty public toilets can also cause hazardous infections. Thus, we must always take good care of our private parts.

You might think that you’re doing a great job at managing your privates clean. You have to keep its freshness and you make sure it doesn’t smell. Notwithstanding the various products that claim they clean your privates the best, women should do more analysis about how to correctly take care of your private part.

To take care of the bacteria that can spread “down there,” you have to stop doing the following things:

1. Mating – You might think this entry is about intercourse. You’re wrong.

According to the source, “mating” is a Chinese method that requires women to pose as if they are sitting down. They do this over a bowl that “smokes tea and other herbs.” The steam from the bowl is meant to go inside of your private area. It is believed to cleanse the body and protect you from infections. The source specifically tells you NOT to do this.

2. Rinsing – Most women use gels for their intimate areas. Don’t do that.

Gels reportedly contain chemicals that are harmful. The source neglected to say what particular type of “gel” they were referring to. However, it did say to only clean the external surface of our private areas. Do not forget to always wipe your intimate area from the front to the back when you use the toilet.

3. Fragrant soaps and detergents – Soaps contain strong chemicals that might do more harm than good for your private part.

Soaps are a common cause of irritation because of the chemicals they contain. The source claims that you only need to wash your privates with hot water while taking a bath. Hot water might NOT be a good idea as it can scald your delicate privates, however.

DISCLAIMER: Before taking this article’s advice to heart, we recommend that you visit an actual medical professional and seek his or her opinion. Don’t believe everything you read online, especially when it comes to medical advice.

Source: Peanut Daily