Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Do You Wrap Your Hair in a Towel After Showering? You Should Stop Doing This Because It’s Wrong!

Believe it or not, a lot of people tend to make smaller or bigger mistakes when it comes to showering and what they do after showering. Here are some of them:

You’re washing the hair every day

This will ruin the quality of the hair. The best option would be to wash the hair once per week to reduce the application of chemicals from the shampoos and conditioners.

You go to bed with wet hair

If you do this, you increase the risk of ringworm, loss of hair shine, bacteria growth, etc.

You shower daily

By showering daily and applying all kinds of showering gels on the body, the skin may become irritated. You should shower every two or three days and always opt for organic showering products to reduce the negative effect on the skin.

You shave while showering

This can cause skin irritation so you should not do it while you’re showering.

You shower with too hot water

The ideal showering water is neither too hot nor too cold. It needs to be lukewarm and towards the end of the showering, you should do a final rinse with somewhat colder water.

Towel-drying the hair and leaving it wrapped in a towel for more than one hour

This can damage the hair so you should wrap the hair in a towel briefly and then remove the towel and leave the hair to dry naturally.

Watch the video below.

Source: fitandhealthy24