Monday, July 3, 2017

Here's Erich Gonzales' Reply To The Young CEO Who Put Up A Billboard Just To Ask Her on A Coffee Date!

In the world of internet and social media, we can easily communicate with our idols with a single snap. But, some likes to get a very low-tech approach in making their favorite celebrity notice them… just like this guy! This man went a viral hit after he paid to have a huge billboard setup, just to ask Kapamilya star, Erich Gonzales, if she wants to have coffee with him!

The billboard addressed Erich Gonzales by name with the phrases “Will you… drink coffee with me?” and “I can’t even espresso how much I like you a latte”.

Wow, he severely appears thirsty …for coffee!

Netizen Xian S. Gaza was identified as the man responsible for this billboard ad. He’s a young CEO millionaire who had the billboard installed at 3AM. The billboard will stay propped on the building for around 1 or 2 months.

Mr. Gaza had even shared on social media that he had purchased a few high end gifts for Erich.
Check out this screen shot of his viral Facebook post here!

According to Darla Sauler, on, Erich privately replied to him about this unique gesture.

Erich reportedly said: “Hi Darls!!! 🙂 How are you? Hahaha!!! Ang cute ng effort ni Kuya. It’s fine. Let’s see when I get back. There’s nothing wrong naman if we talk over coffee, pero dapat kasama ka. Hahaha!!! See you soon Darls!”

Erich Gonzales has yet to make a statement regarding the billboard dedicated to her – in public or social media. It’s not clear if she’s serious about answering Mr. Gaza’s request.

Check out this video of the billboard here!

What a thoughtful, if not unique, gesture! We hope Erich Gonzales answers this adoring fan!