Tuesday, July 11, 2017

LOVEWINS! This Couple Is Expecting Their First Child. A true RELATIONSHIP GOALS!

The LGBTQ community has been neglected by the locality ever since the start of time as most people consider that a character must not break his or her gender committed to them by birth.

Beside from that, the society claims that it is not natural for a man to have a connection with a man and a woman to have a relationship with another woman. But what if a gay man decides to be in a relationship with a lesbian? Would that be fair to the public?

Several people believe it is common and fair when they saw the Facebook post of a netizen named Rowena Silverio. There, she posted some photos of an unnamed gay and lesbian couple looking sweet to each other. What’s more unusual though is the fact that the lesbian is already noticeably expecting a baby with the gay guy’s child.

You would think that some netizens to give negative feedbacks on the post. But they left a lot of positive statements with opinions to the relationship of this sweet couple.

Most of them said that even though their physical image is different, the fact that they chose to love a person of the opposite gender and conceive a child the natural way is normal and shouldn’t be viewed as obscene.

Surprisingly, the majority of the netizens who left comments on their photos wished the pair well and expressed how delighted they are that they are expecting a baby. There are also a few who congratulated them for springing their own family.

Here's what some of them said:

all photos via Facebook/Rowena Silverio

In the end, love truly wins for most people. The point that the LGBTQ society is now slowly being accepted by the society makes it likely for this gay and lesbian couple to openly show their love for each other and even start a family of their own.