Wednesday, July 19, 2017

This is What Happens to Your Heart When You Drink A Lot of Energy Drinks

Caffeine provides numerous health benefits such as soothing headaches, enhances mental alertness, as well as treating various health conditions, which includes diabetes and asthma.

However, its advantageous properties eventually become dangerous when it is added to drinks that are packed with sweeteners, artificial stimulants, toxins, and other kinds of additives. In fact, it might actually cause chaos on the cardiovascular system and may lead to a heart attack.

Unluckily, this was the case of Cory Terry, a 33-year-old Brooklyn father, whose death was a result of the intake of one Red Bull, one of the most widely known “energy” drinks around the world.

His mother namely, Patricia Terry, for the New York Daily News have explained that he was an active, non-smoker who drank this kind of drink regularly. She has added, “He drank that stuff most of the time. He said that he perked him up.”

Mayo Clinic Proceedings have published a study that shows energy drinks, which includes Red Bull may actually lead to great harm to people with cardiovascular conditions, and it might even make healthy individuals suffer the same symptoms.

A trial which involved at least 15 individuals who received two cans of 500ml of a nameless energy drink that is almost the same with Red Bull in terms of ingredients on a daily basis for a week, it have shown that their blood pressure raised by at least 8%in just 4 hours after consuming the drink, and it was increased by up to 10% by the end of the week.

In addition, the heart rates of the individuals were increased by at least 8% on the very first day and it raised by up to 11% by the end of the week.

These factors have actually raised the risk of heart attack, as high heart rates are connected to an elevated heart attack risk, as well as high blood pressure can actually damage the arteries that may lead to stroke and heart-attack that causes blood clots.

In order to exemplify the probable negative effects of this kind of drink, we have to consider first the ingredients that Red Bull contains. Despite of being packed with sugar and carbonation, its chief ingredients are several different stimulants, and the two which is caffeine and taurine, along with various B-group vitamins.

The major concern is that a small research that has been done on the effects of this combination.

The same journal that have published another study that is connected to this have analyzed that the effects of Red Bull on the individuals before and after doing an exercise. It is consisted or 13 participants who have experienced endurance in training.

They are trained at least thrice a day, and before the training they are drinking Red Bull, some other similar drink but don’t contain taurine or placebo without any stimulants.

The results have shown that Red Bull was the only drink that affected the volume of the stroke which is the amount of the blood that is being pumped in and out of the heart.

This actually means about the possible adverse effect on the cardiovascular system of the mixture of these stimulants, although they might not be harmful if it is used separately.

Therefore, the thing that you have to keep in your mind is that Red Bull and other similar drinks are harmful for your heart, so it is the best to avoid them before they may actually cause some adverse effect on you. Instead, consume other healthier drinks or coffee if you need a quick energy booster.

Source: Read and digest