Sunday, August 20, 2017

4 Surprising Things That Will Happen When You Stop Masturbat¡ng

For many people, masturbat¡on is the initial experimentation with s*x uality. It isn’t just for the young, but, as many grown-ups also agree to the act as their way of dispensing with anxiety. While it’s a natural thing to do because everyone does, it’s still seen with shame in the society.

Possibly others condemn it for religious judgments? Or just view it as illegal, one way or another?

There are also those who know that it is a sign of a larger dilemma – which is an obsession to p0 rno graphy.

To f ap or not to fa p – that is the question!

In an article posted online by Rebel Circus, we also discover that there is a organization who calls themselves the “No F a p” community which was begun in 2011 by Alexander Rhodes, a expert web developer.

According to Rhodes, he founded the group when he determined to quit masturbat¡ng after recognizing he was using about 10 adult movies every day.

So what happens when a person gives up the habit for good? You’d be surprised with the many physical, mental, and emotional benefits.

#1. You’ll be more productive.

Vice’s Ed Smith shared his personal experience regarding this, saying:

“In the three weeks that I abstained, I wrote 20 articles, built a bed, started work on a book, and began eating salad, like any proper, functioning adult with a fear of imminent heart disease should.

“As soon as I started going at myself again, all that productivity disappeared, shot up the wall in a long, thick arc of lost potential.”

#2. You’ll have more energy.

Meanwhile, Rhodes claims he’s felt more energetic since he stopped jacking off. In an Upvoted interview, he said:

“I gained an energy that can be applied to every area of life. It is hard to explain in words.”

#3. You’ll reduce feelings of guilt.

Meanwhile, Jim Pfaus, a neuroscience professor, pointed out that men and women who touch themselves admit to feeling guilty about it.

He said:

“Others attempt to achieve orgasm several times a day in an obsessive manner. Some men are afflicted by both. The obsessive and compulsive nature of this makes them mastµrbate frequently—perhaps too frequently, because they end up in a chronic state of refractoriness over their p* nis and ejaculatory mechanisms.”

#4. You’ll have better mood for s* x.

Obviously, you will be in the mood and have greater drive for really getting it on with your partner.

The energy you’ve conserved will come handy during bed time.

Pfaus explains it this way:

“If you mastµrbate frequently, you are in a state of refractoriness… so if you lay off for a while—say, 24 to 48 hours—you may notice your erections come back harder and stronger. However, everyone is different, so one person’s optimality may well be another’s dysfunction. Optimality has to be determined by each individual in different circumstances.”
Smith adds:

“The litany of distractions provided by work and hobbies are helpful, and if you can keep them coming then you might be OK. However, it makes sense that not masturbat¡ng will up your s* x drive. Therefore, in my experience, chastity is something best enjoyed – somewhat paradoxically – with a partner.”