Monday, August 21, 2017

Netizen Shares Horrifying Experience On Alleged Ghost Encounter Inside Office

A netizen identified as Clarisse Inao has shared her horrifying contact with an alleged ghost inside the office assuming that it was her officemate.

Nowadays, we can hear some stories about paranormal events and haunting creatures not only in the Philippines but also in various countries all throughout the world, which causes horror to the public.

Recently, a Facebook user identified as Clarisse Inao has experienced a horrifying event inside their office when she returned to get her laptop. Clarisse was disturbed on what she had found in the empty room.

In the post, Inao revealed that she wanted to get her laptop, which was left in their office. She asked if someone was inside their office, but the guard responded that there was no one left upstairs.

The netizen didn’t worry to turn on the lights and quickly got to her cubicle until she saw someone sitting in front of an off computer. She thought it was one of her office mate named Aian, so she starts a conversation.

Unfortunately, the person did not reply to her questions and she began to feel worried. Due to her curiosity, she takes strength to address the person behind the hoodie and was shocked when she saw that it was not a ghost or a person, but it was only a stuff toy made to prank her.

Here’s the full story:

“Me: Kuya, may tao po sa taas? Kukunin ko lang po kasi yung laptop ko.
Guard: Ah wala ma’am, pero bukas po ‘yong pinto. Sige po.

Di ko na inabala yong sarili ko buksan yong ilaw ng floor kasi nga saglit lang naman ako. Kabisado ko na rin naman yung mga cubicles. Until I saw a figure. Patay yung computer and diretso lang sa pagkakaupo yong workmate ko.

Me: *inaaninaw s’ya sa dilim* Uy Aian bat nandito ka? Sabi nila kuya wala raw tao di ba nila alam na nandito ka..

Di sumagot.

Me: *diretso sa station ko* Grabe hardworking mo naman yata.

Di sumagot. Medyo kinabahan na ako kasi ang weird nung silence.

Me: Hoy di mo ko matatakot excuse me lang ha 😏 *pero medyo takot na talaga hahahaha*


Until I finally found the courage na lingunin s’ya.