Sunday, August 13, 2017

Netizens 'Shookt' After Seeing This Guy's #Girlychallenge Who They Thought Was a Girl!

With the continuous developments in our community today, several people are more comfortable when it gets to s*xuality and stereotypes. In the #Girlychallenge, this young guy is shocking netizens with his impressive female look!

Androgyny is from the Greek word ‘andro’ meaning masculine while ‘gyny’ means woman. Basically, an androgynous person has the qualities of both males and females – or being seen as being from either gender without giving out too much portion on which one they truly are.

“It’s [androgyny] all about breaking barriers and redefining what’s normal, at least in the fashion industry. It is the ability to transform into anything—image, gender, character,” fashion model Jullian Culas said.

Jullian is an androgynous model from the Professional Models Association of the Philippines (PMAP)

In this viral Facebook post, a netizen recognized as Jayson Jay Joven joined the #Girlychallenge. He shared a photo of himself with long flowing hair and while wearing blush on with make-up. Netizens were amazed after seeing his picture!

The viral post has received over 32K reactions, 10K shares and 2.7K comments as of writing.

Netizens couldn’t believe how impressive this guy looked as a girl! Check out what other netizens had to say about the #Girlychallenge here!

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SOURCE: Facebook, TNP