Monday, August 14, 2017

Watch: Abused Pinay housemaid won the case. Her boss, sentenced to life imprisonment

Do you still remember Bonita Baran? The housemaid who was maltreated, tortured, and abused like a puppet by her employers in 2012?

Scorched by a flat iron, hit her face and head with a figurine dumbells, pierced with scissors, fed with a cockroach, and worst of all pierced her both eyes that caused his permanent blindness.

After almost five years of the case hearing, Bonita Baran has already taken her long-awaited justice. It's an evidence that justice is still running in the country.

Quezon City Regional Trial Court Branch 77 has been sentenced reclusion perpetua or life-long imprisonment, her female employer Anna Liza Catahan. Reynaldo Marzan, his employer's husband was imprisoned for 8 to 14 years due to serious illegal detention of Baran.

For Baran, she still cannot forgive the insolence that her employers have done to her. And said that they should suffer in jail.

Even though she lost her visions, Baran still hoped for a miracle that her other eye could still see, even though the doctor told her that both of her eyes were blind.

The Public Attorney's Office also saluted by Bonita Baran's determination and courage to fight her case.