Friday, September 8, 2017

Beware of This Dangerous Common Plant! STOP Your Kids From Playing Near Them!

For all who love gardening or like to furnish their house with different indoor shrubs, you should not only consider consulting a professional in this area but should also make sure if you have studied them right. Apart from the wild weeds, your home plants can also be harmful.

You would be planting some because they make the indoor look engaging but you should definitely go through the following story.

This plant is called Dieffenbachia.

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I think everyone must be aware of this plant. 5-year-old Esteban started having sudden severe stomach pain.

His parents thought that too many sweets was the cause. But the pain won't stop, so his parents took him to the doctor.

Where it was discovered that Esteban had been infected with heavy poisoning. He was treated urgently. Estaben suffered an anaphylactic shock.

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Actually, he was allergic to this plant, which is a common plant in every house.

This plant contains needle-shaped calcium oxalate crystals, which makes the plant toxic.

So, beware of this plant, if you have it in your garden.