Sunday, November 26, 2017

Can wearing BRACES can cause CANCER in 20 years? Know the truth here!

Are you one of those people who's having problems with your braces? Beware, because this orthodontic device could be hazardous to your health!

A 31-year-Old patient who was feeling trouble in his mouth ask a dentist just to find out that he has a so-called osteosarcoma a severely cancerous tumor inside his mouth, the Doctors then find out that a deformation of the patient's teeth happened and they found out a huge amount of metal inside the tumor, which was possibly the result of having braces

According to researchers, having any metal inside your mouth can cause some of this, pain in the jaws, tissue damage in the mouth, and having open sores can be infectious too.

To be able to prevent these incidents experts advice that you have to be fit and have a good and balanced diet to obtain a good state in the metals inside your teeth.

Watch this video below.