Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Love Eating Instant Noodles? Watch Here What Happens Inside Your Stomach After Eating It!

   Every one of us probably likes Instant Noodles since they're very cheap and is easy to prepare, as you'll just put all the ingredients with hot water on the cup then let it sit for 5 minutes or so and voila you already have your food! They're also normally found in almost all local stores and supermarkets and you can easily buy them.

     Normally its an option when you don't have much time to prepare for your breakfast or a quick lunch option for work or even for school, but did you know that regular intake of instant noodles can actually harm your overall health because they don't really have any nutritional value at all!

So what happens after you eat Instant Noodles or other Processed Food?

     Eating Instant Noodles, for example, isn't good since they are normally chemically preserved for a very long time on the supermarket shelves, and no one really knows what happens to the instant noodles once it's inside our stomach.
     In a recent experiment of a Doctor in Massachusetts General Hospital, a Doctor named Braden Kuo used a pill-sized camera to find out what happens inside the stomach and also in the digestive tract after a person consumes instant noodles.

     In his experiment, he saw that the stomach has been contracting back and forth because it's trying to grind up and chop up the pieces of the instant noodles. Watch the video below to know more!

Source: ArtikuloUno