Sunday, December 17, 2017

Have you all heard about the potato method to reduce fever and cold symptoms? Read this!

Not sure If I’m late to this but I’m sharing anyway! YES, THIS WORKS FOR ADULTS AS WELL.

Have you all heard about the potato method to reduce fever and cold symptoms?

Essentially you slice potatoes and place them under the soles of your feet, put on socks and go to sleep

If you know me, you know that I’m very anti-medication if I can avoid that option. Well, my son was running a reoccurring fever for about two days of over 100 degrees. I’d begun to give him the typical Tylenol and Motrin alternating treatment. And it was helping a little. But if course the fever was returning. 🤒

Last night after reading some articles, I put one slice of a potato in each of his socks.

RESULTS: The fever has not returned (babies temperatures usually rise at night) I didn’t have to give him any medicine through the night, he does not have a runny nose, his congestion seems to be gone it didn’t bother him at all last night, and he was complaining of sore ears that no longer seem to be hurting!

The potatoes look a little gross when you pull them off but this $0.38 treatment definitely has my vote on unnecessary doctor bills.

I’m not sure what the science behind this is, but it may help someone and save you some money this season!

This is the imprint from the potato. It was gone in less than 5 minutes. 

It’s no different than keeping a bandaid on for a period of time and marks are temporarily left on the skin.

Try it or not. It’s a just potato.

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I am a mom I’m NOT paid by anyone to share this and my son has not been sick since I’ve done this! Also, my son’s foot is NOT discolored or infected the imprint is there from the potato being there all night, and it was gone in less than five minutes, it’s no different than the marks left after wearing a bandaid for too long.

Feel free to try or not.

From Jolisha Sharay facebook post