Monday, December 4, 2017

Some Famous Filipino Celebrities Who Are Members Of Fraternity And Sorority

Here is the list of some famous celebrities who were a part of popular fraternities and sororities that we did not know.

Nowadays, most students were participating or being recruited into numerous fraternity and sorority groups who would work with their friends, family, and mentors while they are studying in college.

Unfortunately, there are some fraternities and sororities conducting a hazing as a part of their initiation rites, which took the lives of some students.

However, some fraternity and sorority do not perform hazing instead they are giving an alternative during initiation rites.

Celebrities were not also exempted, in fact, some of them are members of famous fraternities and sororities:

Baron Geisler

The controversial actor was reportedly a member of Alpha Kappa Rho, which was established in the country in 1973.

Angeline Quinto

The singer is a member of Tau Gamma Sigma or known as Triskelion Grand Sorority.

Charee Pineda

The gorgeous American-Filipina celebrity is also a member of Tau Gamma Sigma and Angeline Quinto was her sorority sister.

Richard Gomez

The veteran actor is apparently a member of Tau Gamma Phi.

Vhong Navarro

The noontime show host is also a member of Tau Gamma Phi.

JM de Guzman

The actor was also a member of Tau Gamma Phi together Gomez and Navarro.

Sam Milby

The ex-PBB housemate is also a member of Alpha Kappa Rho like Geisler.

Oyo Boy Sotto

The celebrity has joined the Tau Gamma Phi fraternity during his younger days.

Cesar Montano

The action star is a member of skeptron, which is also a part of Alpha Kappa Rho.

Vandolph Quizon

The 33-year-old celebrity is also a member of Triskelions’ Grand Fraternity.

Diether Ocampo

The actor is also a member of Tau Gamma Phi.

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