Sunday, January 14, 2018

Remember this girl who did her version of ExB's 'Hayaan Mo Sila'? She did it again with 'Hawak Kamay'!

There are tons of videos covering the famous song of Ex Battalion, 'Hayaan Mo Sila' roaming around social media today. Because of its catchy beat and lyrics, a lot of netizens did a cover and own version of the song. Just like this girl named Yasmin Marie Asistido.

She uploaded her own version of 'Hayaan Mo Sila' on her Youtube channel and called it 'LALAKING MANLOLOKO'. The video went viral and spread around social media because of its content.

Watch the video here.

She also did a cover of 'Hawak Kamay' by the Filipina pop-rock singer-songwriter, Yeng Constantino.

Want to watch her cover? Watch it also below.